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Cam Baby by Jessica Moss


Clara's never really had a boyfriend before - until Tim comes along. In her cozy Toronto bedroom, the millennials bond over their affinity for meme-worthy YouTube videos and shared anxieties. Little do they know that a plethora of anonymous strangers are tuning in to their every move online. Cam Baby is a rich, sensitive tale that explores voyeurism, privacy, and the complexity of relationships in the digital era. This unsettling comedy provides a humanizing look at technology, begging the question: what does it mean to truly know someone in an age of social media, surveillance, and self-exposure? 


Natalie - Norma Chacon*

Clara - Nora Hunt

Joseph - Murphy Mayer*

Tim - Arif Yampolsky

Matabang - Nico Fernandez 

Ezra - Christopher Donaldson 


Director - Jesse Roth

Stage Manager - Rachael Koplin

Production Manager - David Lovejoy*

Scenic Designer - Joy Ahn

Sound Designer - Morgan Lake

Costume Designer - Cassandra Bowers

Assistant Director - Murphy Mayer

Properties Designer - Nicole Fabbri*

Violence and Intimacy Designer -

R&D Choreography 

Lighting Designer - Vada Briceño

Technical Director - Jake Engram

Master Electrician - Natalie Janusz 

"Not one of the characters fails to deliver the goods: all of them are willing to sell themselves and each other, but in the end, they are all desperate to buy back their humanity. At 90 well-paced minutes, the play is a must-see." - Debra Davy, Splash Magazine 

*denotes ensemble member

photos provided by Tori Torison Photography