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Hang On To Your Shorts!


A one hour festival of eight powerful short plays written by playwrights from Chicago and around the country.  The works are surprising, intriguing, and always strange (and wonderful)! 


"All of the plays were excellent and show great promise for this new theatre company" - Quinn Delaney, PlaylistHQ

The Big Ride by Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by Katlynn Yost* 

Featuring Abbie Welsch and Brian Sheridan*


High Speed Disconnect by Chris Widely 

Directed by Nicole Fabbri* 

Featuring John Lu and Abbie Welsch 


Saguaro by Philip Dawkins 

Directed by Gwendolyn Wiegold*

Featuring Maureen Davies* and Anna Donnell*


It's A Boy by Grace McLeod

Directed by Gwendolyn Wiegold*

Featuring Rainee Denham, Priya Mohanty,

and Maureen Davies*


The Logan Square Farmers Market by Laura Jacqmin 

Directed by Rainee Denham 

Featuring David Lovejoy* and Brian Sheridan* 


Springtime by Maria Irene Fornes

Directed by Anna Donnell*

Featuring Katlynn Yost*, Abbie Welsch, and Jason Boyd*


The Attractive Woman on the Train by P. Seth Bauer 

Directed by Murphy Mayer* 

Featuring Nicole Fabbri*, Jason Boyd*,

and David Lovejoy*


A Modest Proposal by Steve Koppman 

Directed by Murphy Mayer*

Featuring Rainee Denham and R. Scott Purdy* 

*denotes ensemble member

photos provided by Tori Torison Photography