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Carolina - Katlynn Yost* 

Baltimore - Norma Chacon*

Mary - Rainee Denham

Dallas -  Anna Donnell* 

Austin - Nicole Fabbri*

U/S  Austin & Carolina -  Erica Pezza 

U/S Dallas & Carolina - Abbie Welsch


Director - Ashley Neal 

Production Manager - Catherine Allen

Stage Manager - Raquel Romo

Scenic Designer - Grant Sabin

Lighting Designer - Meghan Erxleben

Sound Desginer - Steve Labedz

Technical Director - Alan Weusthoff 

Costume Designer - Gwendolyn Wiegold*

Props Designer - Abbie Welsch

Master Electrician - Ben Zeman 

Sister Cities 





Four estranged sisters, as different as the cities they are named after, face their mother's recent and sudden death. Freedman's play was the hit of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has earned strong critical acclaim around the world. 





photos provided by Tori Torison Photography

*denotes ensemble memeber