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SPREAD: And Other Rebellious Acts 


A one night only, genre-defying, sex positive cabaret. What does sexual empowerment and autonomy mean to you? Why does it matter at all? SPREAD explores the depth of diversity in how we express and own our bodies and our sexuality.

Produced by Abbie Welsch 


Emma Alamo 

Ariel Atkins

Charlie Baker 

Cristiana Barbatelli

Maureen Davies*

Abe Elmourabit 

Nicole Fabbri*

Sarah Goldberg 

Molly Kearney 

Chungers Kim 

Brittany Meyer 

Sarah Squirm 

Shunna Tolliver 

Gwendolyn Wiegold*

Sherlock Ziauddin 


DJ - Justin Miller

Live Painting - Zach Bartz

Live Music - Chauncey and The Beast 

Gallery Showing - AJ Abelman 

*denotes ensemble member

photos by Murphy Mayer