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A one night only variety show inspired by the many identities and continuing influences of Joan of Arc, The Joan Show explored Joan's life and lore and what it means to us now. Rather than attempting a historical re-telling, we celebrated the multiplicity of Joan's life and legacy, inviting the audience to think about how her story can inspire us to create and hold space in challenging times.

Producer - Gwendolyn Wiegold*

Associate Producer - Maureen Davies*

Stage Manager - Ellen Wiese*


Chris Aldana Sanders 

Jade Carter

Maureen Davies*

Elisabeth Del Toro

Nicole Fabbri*

Sophie Hoyt

Sarah Lo

Grace McLeod

Destiny Strothers

Shunna Tolliver

Peyton Walker

Ellen Wiese 

Katlynn Yost*

*denotes ensemble member

photos by Murphy Mayer