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The Totalitarians by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb 


We might be on the brink of revolution in Nebraska. Penny, a compulsive and compulsively watchable candidate for state office, enlists the help of Francine, a silver-tongued operative. Francine's husband Jeffrey, a doctor, is lying to his dying patients, one of whom opens his eyes to Penny's nefarious plans for the Cornhusker State. The Totalitarians is a raucous dark comedy about the state of modern political discourse, modern relationships, and how easy it is to believe truths without facts.


"The characters [...] are as real as the audience they’ve roped into attend – insecure, loving, paranoid, manipulative, funny, frightened and hopeful. The simple stage provides a very adaptable canvas on which our own portraits are painted." -  Joseph Anthony Rulli, Picture this Post




Director - Scott Westerman 

Stage Manager - Jocelyn Green 

Production Manager & Assistant Director - Gwendolyn Wiegold* 

Scenic Designers - Anders Jacobson & Judy Radovsky 

Lighting Designer - Cat Wilson 

Sound Designer - Ty Easley 

Costume Designer - Murphy Mayer*

Properties Designers - Norma Chacon* & R. Scott Purdy* 

Technical Director -  Bobby Huggins 

Violence Design - R&D Choreography


Francine - Vered Hankin* 

Jeffrey - Brian Sheridan*

Penny -  Rachel Slavick 

Ben - David Lovejoy* 

U/S Francine - Anna Donnell*

U/S Jeffrey - Graham Carlson 

U/S Penny - Suzy Krueckeberg 

*denotes ensemble member

photos by Justin Miller