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"Chimera Ensemble has staked its claim as a young Chicago company to watch." 

- TheatreMania

reflecting on season 2



Chimera is on a temporary hiatus for the summer, making plans and cooking up a new season for you all. We've got some exciting updates coming soon, but first we'd like to take a moment to reflect on Season Two.


First up, check out cast, crew, and ensemble members celebrating at the opening night of Cam Baby, the explosive play interrogating privacy and modern relationships that launched our season.


Next up we've got the cast, crew, family, and friends of our intimate relationship drama Don't Smoke in Bed cheesing for the camera. 

Closing out the season, you'll see the cast and crew of our intergalactic mission How to Live in Earth gathered together for the opening night of a play that asked difficult questions about what it means to want to leave and what it means to stay. 

All of this is not even to mention this season's three Second Stage productions: Chimera Ensemble presents Climate Change Theatre Action, Natural Shocks, and The Joan Show.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the collaborations we’ve formed over the course of this season and the new ground we’ve covered. Thanks for helping us along the way, and stay tuned for updates on our next adventures coming soon!

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 Thanks to the generous support of our Season Two donors, Open Captioning is available at every performance!

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mission statement.

To create a quality innovative theatrical platform. To give back to Chicago organizations that advocate for the betterment of our community. To provide accessibility for all people. Above all, we seek out the good; we question our fears and judgments so that others may question theirs. 

our vision.

We are unapologetic explorers navigating stories about hope when there is no hope, about levity when it hurts to laugh, about love when it seems damn near impossible. We fight for necessary truths with uninhibited grit.

our story.

Chimera Ensemble's founding members met while completing the five month long intensive ACADEMY training program at Black Box Acting. Having not had enough of working together upon graduation, they made the decision to form Chimera Ensemble in order to continue doing Meisner-based work together in the city of Chicago. An itinerant storefront theater company, Chimera is now in its second season and in residence at Collaboraction Studios. 


Access is an important part of our mission at Chimera Ensemble. Through discussions within the Ensemble and with our amazing collaborators in the Chicago community, we attempt to create an environment in which performers, directors, designers, playwrights, and audience members feel welcome to work with us and experience our productions. Season Two marks a new chapter in our mission of access, as every performance will feature Open Captioning, rather than the norm of this programming only being offered for one performance during a production's run. By providing Open Captioning for every performance, Chimera hopes to create not only a more cohesive and inclusive theatrical process that better reflects the varied ways in which individuals experience the world, but a model for other theater companies to follow.

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the ensemble.



Katlynn Yost

David Lovejoy

Jason Boyd

Brian Sheridan

Vered Hankin

Anna Donell

Maureen Davies

Murphy Mayer

Norma Chacon

Gwendolyn Wiegold

founding members


Rainee Denham*

Priya Mohanty

Matt Nikkila

Tonya Smith

Maddox Young

Abbie Welsch

Nicole Fabbri

*founding artistic director

 past shows. 


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season 2.

"Season Two is Chimera's season of Push. Pull. Tear. This season, we aim to Push audience members beyond their comfort zone, Pull them into an examination of intimacy, and Tear down structures that limit and define us." --Katlynn Yost, Artistic Director

Our Second Stage series consists of smaller scale passion projects, providing a platform for our ensemble members to produce their own work. With this series we hope to give you a taste of the many talents our ensemble members have to offer. Chimera's Second Stage productions often defy genre and traditional theatrical norms, proving that there are no limits when it comes to bringing your passion to the stage. Stay tuned for important and exciting Second Stage productions coming up in Season Three! 

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The generosity of donors like you enables us to continue making theater as a company. Donations build our sets, pay our rental fees, put actors on our stages, and allow us to continue furthering our mission of accessibility. Please consider donating today!


community fund.

Part of our mission as a theatrical platform is to give back to the community, so for each show we produce we partner with a local organization whose work matches the themes of the production. We collect money and raise awareness for our partner organization. 

To date, we have raised over $3,000 for various charities around Chicago. 

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Chimera Ensemble, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation and any donation is tax-deductible under federal and state law


 - Alan Ball - Alex Potanos - Alisha Fabbri - Alka & Ravi Jani - Allan Kaye - Amanda Fink - Amaria VonDran - Andy & Olivia Roscoe - Andy Yoon 

 - Anna Aguiar Kosicki - Anna Donnell - Anthony Pichotta - Ashley Neal - Autumn Joy Mehl - Brandon Callende - Brian & Abby Sheridan 

 - Cameron Vanderwerf - Carolyn Donoghue - Catherine Dildilian - Char Wood Silberg - Charles Askenaizer - Charlie Lovejoy - Cristiana Barbatelli 

 - Daryl Anisfeld - David Bevington - David Lew Cooper - David Lovejoy - Deborah Altman - Don & Bev Sheridan - Don Ross - Elayne LeTraunik 

 - Elizabeth Birnkrant - Elizabeth Weiner - Ellen Wiese - Eric Duhon - Erica & Neil Agran - Felix Lecocq - Gabriel Levine - Gerard Kaufman - Gina Palmer 

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 - Josue Herrera - Justin Miller - Justin Robins - Karen Pennar - Karl Davies - Katlynn Yost - Kimberly Fabbri - Kristen Hall - Kyle McFarren

 - Lalith Devulapalli - Lana Mckenna - Laura Bouzan - Lauren Kincaid-Filbey - Lauren Hanna - Laurie Rose - Les & Linda Mohr - Lori Sonntag Mueller 

 - Maile Hulihan - Margaret Daly - Margot Carlson - Mark Dettman - Marshall D. Kious - Matt Nikkila - Matthew Lunt

 - Matthew Sitz -Maureen Davies - Maurice Demus Jr. - Maxine Frendel - Megan Smith - Melanie Humphrey - Meredith Weber - Michael & Carolyn Martinieau 

 - Michaela Voit - Molly Chernick - Molly Ekerdt - Morna Roberts - Neil Gross - Nicholas Jordan - Nitya Pillai - Norma Chacon - Olivia Malone - Olivia Roscoe 

 - Patrick & Gretchen Ekerdt-Cowlin - Patrick Shanle - Paula Frendel - Philip Hahn - Priya Mohanty - Rainee Denham - Richard Breeden 

 - Robert Welsch - Ron Beecher - Ronna Kaye - Ryan & Kelly Regan - Ryan Jacox - Sam & Patricia McElroy - Samara Anderson - Sarah Kim - Sarah Like

 - Scott & Catherine Marquardt - Sean & Dominique Hollins - Sharon Jahnke - Sheila Welsch - Sierra Hawk Hilt - Sreejith Nair - Stacy Roberts 

 - Stephanie & Jonathan Arnold - Stephen & Meredith Weber - Sue Eiserman - Suzy Krueckeberg - Terrence Williams - Todd & Jamie Medland - Ty Easley 

 - Vanessa Stalling - Vered Hankin - Wendy Seaver - Lisa Purdy - 

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To reach us for questions/comments, please email: info@chimeraensemble.com

work with us.

Chimera Ensemble will cast actors for productions on an 'as needed' basis.  We will post notices on our website, as well as on Theatre in Chicago, PerformInk, and League of Chicago Theatres.  We are currently not collecting headshots & resumes. 

Chimera is always looking for talented and passionate collaborators of every kind. If you are director, designer, or other interested theater artist, please send your

resume and portfolio to submission@chimeraensmemble.com